Dick also known as robin

Unbeknownst to her, the Riddler was also shadowing her. While the other circus members survived since the Joker used a different toxin on them, they blame Dick and decide to leave after Raya and Jimmy's funeral, though deep down they know it is not his fault. Batman, however, was less than pleased. He also questions the meaning of words, such as wondering why something is overwhelming, and not just "whelming". However, as Dick grew older and spent more time as the leader of the Teen Titans , he decided to take on the identity of Nightwing to assert his independence other teenaged heroes would later fill in the role of Robin. Dick had also continued to keep a close brotherly relationship with Tim Drake, and helped him deal with the his many losses during the past year. Young Dick felt responsible, because he failed to warn his parents in time.
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Publication history of Dick Grayson

The episode ends with Damian succeeding Dick as the new Batman after the former retires, and Damian's unnamed son voiced by Sebastian Bader becomes the new Robin. Nightwing once used a customized boat; this boat presumably has the same specs as the Batboat if it was not the Batboat itself. Dick soon finds out that Bruce is Batman and becomes a costumed hero in his late teens. After Cyborg is put in danger by a galactic threat, Dick reunites the Teen Titans to rescue him. Robin is generally respected by the others as the team's best leader, but on the inside he is driven by an unhealthy obsession to win, which sometimes alienates him from his teammates "Divide And Conquer", "Masks", "Winner Take All", "The Quest". Batman , Catwoman and Lex Luthor find Nightwing and Batman tries to break him free, but to no avail as the prison's wiring self-repairs whenever Batman tries to cut it. Dick also continues to keep a close brotherly relationship with Tim Drake, and helps Tim deal with his many losses during the last year.
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Robin in other media - Wikipedia

After Bruce returns as Batman, Dick finds he has no place in Gotham and returns to the Titans where he once again feels abandoned, due to Arsenal being placed the new leader, and is forced to return to Gotham. Prime is ready to kill Nightwing when Conner intervenes, sacrificing himself to destroy the tower, ending the destruction of the Universe. At Devil's Square, Black Mask orders the Penguin assassinated when he discovers that the villain may know something about his operation and has been interrogated by Batman. The current costume, a stylized blue "wing" across his shoulders and extending to his hands, coloring his two middle fingers, over a black torso and legs. In pre- Crisis on Infinite Earths continuity, the maturing Dick Grayson grows weary of his role as Batman's young sidekick.
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Still recovering from his broken back, Bruce asked Dick to substitute for him as Batman for a time. In the re-established history, there are some adjustments to Dick's biography. Damian in his Robin and Nightwing personas later appeared as a playable character in the game's sequel, Injustice 2 , voiced by Scott Porter. Trapped in Time Justice League: During Dick's training the two develop a father-son bond and eventually stop Two-Face , The Hangman and Tony Zucco, their collaborator.
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